Lesson 6: Form

What do great novelists and music producers have in common? Control of form. Much like a novel, a good song requires a solid foundation to support the body of work as the listener is led along on a sonic journey. Good song form can take a listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotions that’ll end with them clamoring for more of your work. A good foundation allows for you to organize the various elements of your composition well so that you can create a coherent story which surprises and inspires along the way.
From 12 bar blues to the 32-bar “AABA” to contemporary forms, we’ll get into the various sections of a song: pre-chorus, chorus, hook, verse, bridge, and outro.


Build an understanding of the building blocks that make up modern musical forms.
Understand the importance of separate sections in a proper arrangement.
Begin to construct their own works in an arrangement that serves their artistic vision.
Gain the ability to actively critique their own pieces and other pieces when it comes to their choice of form.
Be able to develop a piece into a proper modern form.