Today’s music producer is oftentimes much more than just the person in charge of guiding a project. In the context of popular music, the producer is often the person responsible for the entire arrangement, including the lyrics. A successful commercial song is built on a great arrangement. As the producer responsible for the construction of the instrumental, there are certain musical considerations you must keep in mind when aimed at creating an interesting piece of music.

We’ll also uncover certain key aspects such as the difference between the role of the producer versus the role of the songwriter, theme and variation in a song, texture, foreground, background, key music composition lingo, and we’ll get back into the importance of rhythm and other techniques for keeping listeners consistently engaged and yearning for more.


Be able to define the importance of arrangement and other considerations when creating a song.
Be able to explain the importance of arrangement in music.
Be able to take a musical idea and begin to build a song.
Be able to use the different techniques in this chapter to begin building a song.
Be able to describe the different techniques used to begin building a song.