Learn Ambient Music Producing with the Recording Connection:

This unique form of Electronic Music puts its emphasis on atmospherics over rhythm. Hailing from the UK in the early 70s, ambient music was made possible by the synthesizer. Early pioneers such as John Cage and Robert Fripp were influenced by classical composers such as Erik Satie as well as by jazz. Perhaps the best-known pioneer of this influential type of Electronic Music is the legendary Brian Eno.

Ambient music is a powerful form of electronic music in that the listener can either participate directly or use it as background music. Some popular sub-genres of ambient music are: shoegaze, dark ambient, ambient dub, drone music, space music, psybient and black ambience.

Are you interested in making ambient music for film, TV, video games and commercials, or have you set your sights on creating ambient music for the millions of listeners ready to chill out to your intelligent creations? The Recording Connection is currently accepting applications to learn ambient music using Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase and Reason. The Recording Connection externship program is the school that puts you in the room with an electronic artist to mentor you in the fine art of ambient music.