Learn Drum ‘n’ Bass Music Producing with the Recording Connection:

Drum and bass (more commonly written “drum ‘n’ bass”) is an electronic music style which has its roots in funk and rock & roll breaks. There would be no drum ‘n’ bass without the likes of James Brown, Michael Jackson, The Commodores, and legendary trumpet player Miles Davis. While D’n’B draws influences from the industrial sounds of techstep and the beats and bass lines of jungle, its sound is extremely varied and is often difficult to categorize. Musicologists target its stylistic origins in old school, techno, electronica, house and breakbeat. This genre of electronic music uses very fast breakbeats—we’re talking 180 beats a minute—with thick bass lines and dirty, under current sub-bass lines. Drum and bass uses notable, infectious bass lines, heavy samples, and noticeable synthesizer. Among the many subgenres of drum ‘n’ bass are hardstep, darkstep, neurofunk, and techstep.

Are you ready to learn the power of syncopation, the science of the breakbeat, and how to create drum tempos that get people moving? Are you ready to take drum ‘n’ bass into a live setting where you will trigger drums, synthesizers, turntables and even guitars? Are you ready to emulate D’n’B icons like Roni Size, Modestep, ShapeShifter and London Elektricity?

The Recording Connection externship program is the school that puts you in the room with a professional DJ or drum ‘n’ bass electronic artist who will teach you how to use Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase or Reason so you can create your own unique drum ‘n’ bass sound.  Externships are available now!