Learn Dub / Dub Fusion Music Producing with the Recording Connection:

Dub music grew out of reggae, ska, and rocksteady in the early 1960s with music pioneers that include Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby and Errol Thompson. Dub artists use the mixing console as their instrument by manipulating and manufacturing tracks to create a brand new take on the music.

Dub music has influenced hundreds of other genres of music, including pop, hip-hop, techno and rock. Without dub music, there is no dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass or jungle music. Dub artists take an original song and create a second version of it, typically emphasizing the drums and bass and removing the vocals, thereby creating new songs out of found items. The dub artist may lay in other noises such as echo, reverb and other sound effects. Even though the effects are electronically produced, the music has an original, infectious tone.

Over the years, dub has influenced not only dubstep creators, but also musical giants such as The Clash, Beastie Boys, and Massive Attack. Dub Music today is intensely popular, and while the music is generally considered underground, it is intensely popular today, with dub themes frequently used in popular movies, film and television.

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