Learn Electronica Music Producing with the Recording Connection:

The term “electronica” is often misunderstood when describing electronic music in general. Many people use it as an antonym for electronic dance music (EDM), identifying electronica as non-danceable music with electronic elements. But historically, electronica is more of an umbrella term that encompasses many different styles that may or may not include dance music—from the big beat of The Prodigy to the experimentalism of Radiohead’s Kid A to Madonna’s dance-pop. In the broadest sense, if you’re making music that relies heavily on synthesizers, samplers, loops and drum machines, you’re creating some version of electronica.

While many electronic music producers focus on a particular sub-genre, they often don’t like to be limited to that particular style. If you want to master the arts of electronic music production, you need to learn the many different aspects of electronica, both in dance and non-dance form. The Recording Connection offers a specialized externship course in electronic music production, pairing you with a real electronic musician who trains you one-on-one in the recording studio. You’ll learn Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live, and other DAWs commonly used by electronic musicians; you’ll also learn how to use synths and samplers to design, chop and affect your own signature electronic sounds.

The Recording Connection is currently accepting applications for open externships in our one-of-a-kind electronic music production training program. There’s no cost to APPLY and learn more.