Learn Jungle Music Producing with the Recording Connection:

Are you into breakbeat hardcore? Reggae, dub or dance hall? Do you dig the fast tempos of 170 beats per minute? Are heavy percussive loops, snare rolls, synthesized effects and break beats your thing? Make no mistake, jungle music is not drum ‘n’ bass, and drum ‘n’ bass is not jungle.

To excel in this wonderful form of electronic music, you must master the synthesizer, the drum machine and the sampler.  Through the Recording Connection’s one-of-a-kind electronic music production program, we can pair you with a jungle music expert who will teach you the nuances and intricacies of this exciting subgenre, while also helping you master programs like Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live, Reason and Cubase.  As a jungle beat student, you will learn how to make and produce break beats while incorporating classic sounds from Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Jungle music today is thriving throughout Europe, and especially in the UK. Are you ready to make the music that will get the masses up off their feet and dancing? Sign up today and find out more about how you can learn to create jungle music from a true industry pro.