Learn Psytrance Music Producing with the Recording Connection:

Whether you want to be a live DJ playing psytrance festivals, or helping others perfect their state of trance sound, Recording Connection electronic dance music production school is like no other. We put you in the middle of the action from the start, getting the insider’s view of how EDM and its subgenres are produced.

What is Psytrance?

The Music Genre had its Start in India

While the electronic dance music subgenre known as psytrance (or psychedelic trance) didn’t officially emerge until the late 1990s, it actually has its roots in a hippie migration to Goa, India in the 1960s. While DJs in Goa back in the day were initially spinning psychedelic rock for the hippies, an original form of trance style known as Goa trance emerged.

Psytrance evolved as trance took hold in clubs around the world and other elements were woven in, eventually yielding the genre. Additional subgenres of psytrance heard today include dark psytrance, full-on psytrance, progressive psytrance, and its original cousin Goa trance, among others.

Psytrance Production

Learn the Sound Design of the EDM Subgenre

Psytrance music is characterized by its form: a series of layered melodies created by high tempo riffs, harmonies, and rhythms being added to the track. Changing every 8 measures or so, the music grows in energy and complexity, building to a climax, then breaking down and starting again. This is all played over a constant bass pattern that repeats over a time frame of about 7-10 minutes per track.

The tempo is typically energetic, generally ranging between 140-150 beats per minute (BPM). Loops, drum machines, sequencers, and synths are heavily used, with an emphasis on effected analog synth leads. If you dream of mastering the complexities of psytrance electronic music production, you need to be taught by someone who is experienced in this genre.

Learn How to Make Psytrance

Your Mentor is an EDM Pro, Your Classroom is Their Studio

The Recording Connection is the school that puts you in a real recording studio under the personal mentoring of a real electronic music producer. Instead of hoping you’ll get to ask your teacher or professor a question, we give you one-on-one access to your mentor who you’ll know will be able to answer your question and fill in any gaps you may have surrounding it. Instead of jockeying for lab time, you’ll be hands-on from the start, learning in a way that makes sense.

You’ll learn how to leverage the power of your digital audio workstation. With a whole arsenal of synths and kick and bass drum machines, you’ll be given what you need to produce outstanding psytrance and other trance music styles. Recording Connection feels this is the best way to learn how producing music is done in today’s landscape.

Get an EDM Foundation

Learn Psytrance Music Production as Part of a Larger Course

As part of our electronic dance music program, your mentor will discuss the core concepts of Digital Audio Workstations, such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro. You’ll work with audio clips, record and edit MIDI files, and look at how live mixers and signal flows operate. From these lessons, you’ll get a general overview of how to take a song from start to finish.

As the program continues, you’ll learn how to incorporate melodies, harmonies, and a full slate of electronic instruments that are included with your DAW. Once the groundwork of your song has been established, you’ll be taking closer looks at finalizing, recording, and processing your music. And you’ll be growing your portfolio each passing week.

Your Classroom is a Professional Studio

Learn in an Immersive Environment

When you’re accepted into the Recording Connection program, we’ll place you in a real-world recording studio where you’ll get one-on-one attention from your mentor. Instead of sitting at a desk, you’ll sit at a soundboard, DAW, or even help set up the studio for a session. Lab time? Almost the entire program is lab time but it’s even better, it’s real-world time.

If that doesn’t convince you, how about saving time and money while you get the experience so desperately needed when looking for a job? Instead of spending four years at university, our programs last six to nine months and cost just a fraction of what trade schools charge and, work hard and you can even get experience you can add to your resume! In about the same time it takes to finish your freshman year, you could already be working in the industry or launch your career as an electronic music producer who’s got their own business going.

With us, you’ll also be making the connections you need to build a career in the music industry. Not only are you building a relationship with your mentor – an industry professional – you’ll also be networking with clients, other producers, and the other pros who come through the studio. That just doesn’t happen in a classroom.

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