Learn Techno Music Producing with the Recording Connection:

Thank you, Detroit, Michigan, the birthplace of the electronic dance music genre known as techno. Although there are many subgenres of techno music, there is no disputing that Detroit is where it began. Since then, techno has evolved and taken the world by storm.

Techno music is the melding of the sounds of early 80s pioneers like Kraftwerk and Georgio Moroder with African American influenced music such as funk and jazz. The word “techno” most likely comes from the fact that this influential musical style has always been obsessed with futurism. The techno style is repetitive in nature, employed by DJs who usually favor the common time signature of 4/4. Common techno subgenres include: acid techno, ambient techno, digital hardcore, ghettotech, techstep and trance.

Are you ready to learn the art and science of bass drum, quarter note pulse, and tempo via your digital audio workstation (DAW)? Through the Recording Connection electronic music production program, you will learn as an extern one-on-one from an established electronic producer who can teach you the intricacies of techno and its many subgenres. Whether you’re into the Detroit sound, the Chicago sound or the UK acid house sound, the Recording Connection has a DJ or techno artist who can mentor you.

The Recording Connection externship program is the school that puts you in the room with a techno DJ or electronic artist who will teach you how to use Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase and Reason so you too can create your own unique techno sound.  To learn more, apply now at no charge.