Learn Video Game Music Producing with the Recording Connection:

Are you a video game junkie? Are you dying to make the soundtrack music that will be heard by millions of gamers? Video game music is perhaps the most malleable forms of soundtrack music, and the video game composer is often contracted to create different musical scores for similar set pieces based on the gamer’s actions while playing the game. The exponential expansion of the video game market has sent a shock wave through the electronic music community and is currently providing employment opportunities worldwide.

Early on, video game music was limited to simple synthesizer melodies but has since evolved to rival the complexities of television and movie soundtracks. Today, there is much crossover between popular and classical music. Indeed, famous film composers such as Harry Gregson-Williams, Trent Reznor and Hans Zimmer have worked on recent video game soundtracks, and famed video game soundtrack composer Michael Giacchino (of the Medal of Honor series) now does a lot of movie soundtrack work. Today, video game soundtracks are sold as stand-alone music and even performed in concerts.

If you would like to focus on this exciting field of music, the Recording Connection Video Game Music School program will place you in the room with a video game composer/producer who will teach you the arts of music production, along with Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase and Reason, so that you can create the video game soundtrack you have inside of you. To learn more, apply now. It doesn’t cost a thing to apply, fyi.