The Recording Connection is an industry-recognized school alternative, a program area of the Recording, Radio, Film and CASA Schools (RRFC).

We are the audio school alternative that has taken a sledgehammer to the outdated way of learning audio and music production as it’s taught in most trade schools and universities. We don’t believe in classrooms, we believe in learning in real recording studios. While we deeply respect professors and teachers at colleges and universities, we do things differently. Our students are learning from professional audio engineers. Why? Because we believe it’s an effective way to learn audio engineering and music producing.

As a creative person, you need someone who can give you one on one attention and hands-on learning; someone who can also show you the ropes and help you on your career path; someone who can connect you. Why not choose to go with a mentor in a real recording studio, who’s probably worked with artists you know about, maybe even with the biggest bands in the world. There’s probably a mentor who’s ready, right now, to act as your private teacher, your guide to getting going in your career.

Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors have worked with the biggest names in the industry, won the biggest awards, and worked on platinum-selling albums. And now you get to work with them.

John Davis

1988 Entertainment

Southern Eagle Music Group

Writer’s Room Recording Studio

Madison Records / The Oates Music

35th Street Studios Chicago, IL

Andy Shoemaker, Rax Trax Recording

Over 300 Studios Across the World

You’ll learn at a studio nearest to you. We’re partnered with over 250 studios around the world who are committed to your development.

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Build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.