Military Discounts


To qualify for this scholarship, the applicant must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Proof of a High School Diploma or Successful Score of the ATB Test.
  • Complete an application for admission.
  • Complete a scholarship application.
  • Provide evidence of active duty, reservists, National Guard or veteran status. Spouse and/or dependents may also qualify.

RRFC Annual Awards: An unlimited number of applicants per year will be awarded The RRFC Military and Family Scholarship. The applicant awarded may select the educational program and receive the following award: $1,500 off total tuition. If using any financial option, $1,500 will be deducted from any remaining finance amount. Total Scholarship value is $1,500. Financial Options are available.

The Recording Connection appreciates the service that the men and women of our armed forces have performed for our country. The Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools (RRFC) offers The RRFC Military and Family Scholarship for armed forces veterans, active duty, reservists, and members of the National Guards. Spouses, dependents, as well as previously enlisted individuals may qualify on a case by case basis. This scholarship is available for applicants/students of any of The Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools (RRFC) program area offerings if offered and approved in the state in which the student resides and attends.

We offer postsecondary educational programs that are structured for online delivery with an industry focused externship that help young and aspiring audio engineers and producers get their foot in the door, make contacts, and hone their craft. We want each and every one of our veterans turned audio engineers or music producers to excel in our industry-oriented programs.

The Recording Connection knows that life after military service can be a difficult transition. Reintegrating into society can be an arduous task. That’s one of the reasons that we have a mentorship system in place. It helps you, the returning veteran, learn how to interact with individuals in the music industry. Your mentor can even introduce you to people who work in the industry, from record executives to recording artists, to downright famous producers, you could have the opportunity of meeting people who make music for a living while you’re training as an apprentice (extern) to a pro in the studio.

The Recording Connection respects the tremendous commitment and dedication women and men in our armed services have demonstrated in service to our country. We want to show our thanks and appreciation by helping honorably discharged or currently active military personnel build thriving careers they’re really excited about.

Apply for the RRFC Military Discount Below:

Military Discount Form

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Please upload your proof of active duty, reservists, National Guard or veteran status.