Ableton for Music Creators and Artists
Course 10: Remixing 101

Remixes are a great way to spread your name, sound, and production style around in clubs, radio shows, DJ sets, and more. Now’s the time to start showing off your chops and making your mark as a producer by recreating a known song in a whole new way. In this course, you’re going to tackle remixing a song in three different ways.

You’ll create a bundle of stems from a single song, bring those to a new session, and import audio files for remixing. Sectioning scenes in Ableton’s session window is a powerful way to remix your song, giving you a lot of control over how you want to reconfigure different racks.

You’ll also learn how to use Ableton to create and properly package your stems so that another artist/producer can remix your music! Your homework assignment for this course will be to record three different mixes of your song, using different level settings, panning, and other techniques.

For the digital field trip, we’ll head over to Maono and take a look at their solution for getting good vocals without going into the studio. You’ll choose an album you’d like to listen through completely for the course Listening Library. You’ll describe why you like the album, the different production techniques used throughout, and if there are any notable remixes on YouTube (and what makes them notable).

Along with the usual course review, quiz, and blog entry, you’ll also work on getting more images of yourself for the marketing aspect of being an artist or producer.