Ableton for Music Creators and Artists
Course 11: Employment Training Bootcamp Part 1

In this course, you’re going to focus on making the studio your place of earning a living, either as an employee or freelancer. The place where you’re currently recording and are forging a solid relationship with your mentor could be your launchpad to making your living in music–it’s one of the ways Recording Connection sets itself apart from other educational institutions.

Recording studios must make their business, their studios, profitable. You’ll learn how to turn on that business mindset, how to present yourself in the studio, and how to work your way up the studio ladder the right way. From cleaning the studio, moving gear, and other physical labor to securing side gigs (including selling studio time), to providing assistance during a session, you’ll make yourself available for any task that comes your way.

You’ll want to make yourself indispensable in your mentor’s studio as you learn. This puts you in a prime position to take advantage of future opportunities as they arise. This includes learning how to act responsibly and professionally during any situation you encounter. You’ll learn how to read the room, how you need to present yourself, and when to offer your two cents.

Maybe cleaning the soundboard or getting lunch for others in the studio isn’t what you were expecting when signing up for the program. But this course is intended to show you the day-to-day operations that keep a studio up and running. Your Listening Library for the week is Prince’s Purple Rain and you’ll learn more about Reason in your digital field trip.