Ableton for Music Creators and Artists
Course 12: Collecting Graphics & Intro to Audio Effects

Ableton Live has a never-ending array of audio effects that can be used in music-making and sound design. You’ll explain the differences between various kinds of effects and discuss those which defy classification. From spectral processors, equalizers, and filters to wicked dynamic processors, LFOs low frequency oscillators), time-based effects, distortion effects, and much, much more, you’ll peek behind the curtain and get a taste of what’s in store for you with Ableton effects.

You’ll also continue to add to your persona through the creation of a logo that will give you a way to provide instant recognition when used throughout your marketing. Part of your homework for this course will be to create three letterforms and three abstract logo concepts that help convey a specific message about you. You’ll also gather a series of images that show you being you.

Your digital field trip will take you to Korg to investigate software for more audio effects for your music. Gadget 2 is one of the most popular and offers a slew of effects, synthesizers, sequencers, and more. Download a demo and discuss what you liked and disliked and take a look at other software offered at

For your Listening Library, you’ll experience OK Computer by Radiohead, maybe for the first time. It’s a mind-blowing look at how music can be manipulated, shaped, and formed to elicit a range of emotions through digital and analog devices. You’ll need to discuss the production values and identify different electronic elements used on the album.