Ableton for Music Creators and Artists
Course 16: Sampling For Percussion

Ableton is a dream digital audio workstation if you’re interested in using sampled loops: this DAW was made with looping in mind. Regardless of whether you’re recording your own loops or going to a massive online sound library like, integrating sampled loops into your music is easily handled, thanks to Ableton’s session view.

Regardless of the level of skill one has or doesn’t have with physical, analog instruments, all kinds of music creators utilize and even create loops for music production. In course 16, you’ll learn more about loop creation as well as loop manipulation, one-shot samples, and going deeper into Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler.

Native Instruments also makes a sampler, and the digital field trip for this course will have you spend a little time with Kontakt, a playback instrument with a huge library of multi-sampled instruments. Watch videos, check out any available demos, and see which aspects of Kontakt, Komplete, and Reaktor you could use to produce your music.

We’re going way back for your listening library, dusting off Boston’s self-titled album from 1976. Regardless of its age, you’ll discover some amazing hooks, licks, and powerful performances. Discuss what you liked about the album, which songs stood out to you, and the production techniques you may have picked up.

For homework, you’ll create 10 custom loops, 20 modified loops, and 10 one-shot samples as well as grow your online presence through outreach efforts. This is in addition to a course review, a blog entry, and a quiz.