Ableton for Music Creators and Artists
Course 17: Sample Programming and Editing

In this course, you’ll learn how to trigger drums with a MIDI controller or drum pad to give you a more refined way to handle samples and loops. You’ll build drum racks, learn how to loop slices, and more. Your homework for this course will be to create three drum racks from your audio files, create 4 drum racks from recorded drum loops, and create five Simpler patches.

For your digital field trip, you’ll look into one of the biggest names in digital audio: Universal Audio. Their interfaces and plug-ins are used around the world by some of the most successful artists and producers in the business. You’ll look specifically at the Arrow audio interface as well as the slew of software plug-ins that Universal Audio offers. Think about one plug-in that really appealed to you, an interface that interested you, and note any videos you watched.

The Fleet Foxes’ self-titled album from 2008 will be your listening library assignment for this course. This is a bit of a departure from previous libraries because of the Fleet Foxes’ more folksy sound. However, this is a fine example of how high-tech meets down home when it comes to music production.

Finally, you’ll craft a message for your social media presence, taking into consideration what kind of message you’re trying to convey and the type of post you want it to be. You’ll also want to think about future posts. You’ll also complete the course review, take a quiz, and write a blog entry about the course.