Ableton for Music Creators and Artists
Course 18: Returning to Your Vision/Waveform Characteristics

With several months of work under your belt, it’s time to take a look back on all you’ve accomplished and what’s still to come. In this course, you’ll revisit some past coursework to help fill in some of the gaps in your education. This could be music theory, the physics of hearing, or how the human ear receives sound.

This is also a time to look forward. Take steps to get yourself in the right frame of mind and write down the next five goals you want to reach over the final courses of the program. You’ll also make note of five artists you admire and five skills you already have that will help you in your professional career. Writing a mission statement and sketching yourself on stage rounds out your homework.

The course 18 digital field trip will introduce you to Melodyne, Celemony’s software that allows producers, engineers, and artists to fix, clean, and pitch their vocals. Visit, learn more about Melodyne, watch videos, and work with demos when available. Try to make the audio sound more robotic and correct pitch while maintaining an organic sound.

Other homework includes listening to an album of your choosing and explaining why you enjoy the album, the production techniques you enjoy, and how it inspires your own music. You’ll also create a dream board and increase your social outreach by investigating Instagram along with a course review, quiz, and blog post.