Ableton for Music Creators and Artists
Course 21: Self-Documentation/Special Effects

Those who will identify with your sound, your lyrics, and your look are going to want to learn more about you. It’s vital that you as the artist/producer take charge of your narrative and your image or you’ll find others doing it for you. Listeners expect access to key bits of information about the artists they relate to and whose music they support.

Now that you’ve got your first song, a remix, and your second song, technically you have a single, so marketing it is right around the corner. Those captured glimpses into your life as a creator can say more than some flashy photoshoot, so remember—document those moments along the way!

Along with revisiting your social media profiles and crafting your long and short artist bios, we’ll go back to talking about the many ways to lay out a song, discuss the importance of finishing your songs, and get into a number of special effects that you can apply to your music. You’ll learn when to use clip volume and automation to adjust levels and how to determine when you’re “finished” with a song.

Our digital field trip takes us to, not a maker but rather the oldest, most comprehensive online database for audio plugins where you can find out what others are talking about, what’s new, and what’s good. For your listening library, choose an album you enjoy and discuss what you enjoy about it.