Ableton for Music Creators and Artists
Course 8: Online Content Creation/Melodies

After the first seven courses of the Artist & Producer in Ableton Program, you’ll have a fully mixed and professionally polished song under your belt. Congratulations! You’re now ready to join the millions of other artists or producers trying to make a name for themselves. In this course, you’ll learn how to curate your persona, how to present your brand, and how to publish your music.

You’ll either gather pictures of yourself (or have some taken) that showcase what you’re about. This will include a mixture of close-ups, medium, and long shots for a variety of different poses and actions. Developing graphics will also be discussed as well as the importance of staying on brand. These images will give you another way to connect to fans or potential clients.

Developing a bio is key when filling out your brand. Letting clients know what inspires you (and how you inspire), life experiences, those that have always been there for you, and other personal notes allow others to latch on to your vibe and want to learn more. As far as the music goes, you’ll learn more about melodies and how to create memorable hooks.

Your digital field trip will get you familiarized with filters and how they can help your music. You’ll review Movement by Output, software that gates, ducks, and filters your sound to make it more powerful by adding simple grooves to your mix. You’ll also listen to Dummy by Portishead, a beacon of top-notch production quality and emotional content that’s through the roof!