Lesson 11: Finalizing Compositions

In course 11, you’ll be learning how to add those finishing touches to your compositions. This is what it means to finalize your tracks. Knowing when a song is finished can be one of the most tricky parts of making music. Unfortunately, many young producers make the mistake of endlessly adding sounds without understanding that sometimes less is more.

A great tip to keep in mind is that some of the biggest hits out there are actually quite simple. Rather than piling up more and more layers on top, it could be better to focus on creating variations and subtle tweaks to what’s already been done. Understanding the idea that less is sometimes more can help young producers create polished pieces they can be proud of!

When producing a track, transitioning between sections requires thought and creativity. To give your project that professional sound, transitions need to prepare the listener for what’s around the corner. Preparations can include altering instruments or sounds, building up tension with reverb and delay effects, or fading out one section as another fades in.

Making a great track requires more than just technical skill, there is also the artistry of creating a good mix. Before you play your song to other people, have a listen yourself and make sure the balance (i.e. volume levels) fits the genre. Your homework for course 11 is putting together all the separate skills, knowledge, and techniques you’ve learned so far.