Lesson 16: Sampling

After learning how to record in the session view in the last course, you’re ready to tackle deeper ideas and techniques. This course will give you a great introduction to the world of sample-based sound design and production. From slicing samples, manipulating them with the Simpler and Sampler instruments, and creating multi-samples from scratch – there are plenty of ways to put your own stamp on the music you create with Live.

Live makes it easy to go from collecting audio files in the Session view, to using those same samples as your main ingredients in productions–giving you an immediate platform for effective sound design. With these abilities at your disposal, there’s no excuse not to stand out from other producers with your original sounds!

Live Suite’s two sampling instruments, Simpler and Sampler, have quite different functions. With Live 9.5 came an extensive overhaul of Simpler which increased its versatile power greatly. The main difference between the two is that Simpler can Warp audio clips, while Sampler offers multisampling and enhanced modulation features. Users without Sampler can also take advantage of Multisample Mode for playing back Sampler patches.

It’s essential to grasp the differences between these two instruments to get the best outcomes for your projects. Your assignment for this course will be to make a few different multi-sampled instruments and work with the piano samples and other instruments.