Lesson 19: Audio Recording 201

By this point you should be very comfortable working in Live – finding your way around, writing parts, creating sounds, and a lot more. Now we are going to get into a lot of the concepts and workflows required for professional results. This lesson is all about recording audio, specifically in Arrangement View, but it is also a solid introduction to audio engineering knowledge crucial to high-quality sonic outcomes. Most of this lesson is theory, but very practical theory. Of course, we’ll do a bit in Live too, though the goal now is to develop your understanding of professional audio recording fundamentals. **Note: Keep in mind that the following technical concepts are heavily simplified and abridged so as not to get too sidetracked into audio engineering territory. The implications here are twofold – 1) if you want to go into the following content in more detail, RRFC offers a more in-depth audio engineering course that you may want to check out after you finish learning Ableton Live, and 2) if any of the material is too technical for you, just focus on the big-picture concepts and practical application of them; don’t be too concerned if it’s not sinking in right away (there is a whole other course for this stuff).