Lesson 19: Audio Recording 201

Now it’s time to take your understanding of Ableton Live and audio engineering to the next level. This course will help build your knowledge base, covering the fundamentals of professional audio recording. While there’ll be a bit of in-application work, the focus here is on helping you gain an understanding of the underlying concepts that enable high-quality sonic outcomes.

Empower yourself – learning these ideas will give you the power to create a sound that’s professional and uniquely yours. Learning Ableton Live is a great place to start if you are looking to dive deeper into audio engineering and production. Although the technical concepts presented here may seem daunting at first, rest assured that they have been heavily simplified in order to help keep your focus on the big-picture principles rather than getting sidetracked by detailed engineering nuances.

The good news is that if you ever do find yourself wanting more detail, RRFC offers an entire program focused solely on audio engineering for those seeking a greater depth of knowledge about the craft. So don’t worry if things aren’t clicking right away, as there are plenty of additional resources available!

As you tackle this course assignment, keep in mind that it’s designed to get you familiar with the basics. Don’t stress about diving straight into all the features Live has to offer. Instead, take this time to form good habits and have some fun along the way. Experiment with different techniques and approaches while getting comfortable with these fundamentals–they’ll be important when further exploring what Live has to offer.