Lesson 2: AudioClips In Detail

In this course we are going to dig deeper into the Clip View, emphasizing features found in audio clips. All clips share parameters, though for audio clips you will see the Sample Box, and for MIDI clips you’ll see the Notes Box. This course focuses on audio clips, but you will also learn about core common features found in MIDI clips too. you’ll start with those common features which pertain to how clips loop, start, and end.

Live’s Warp Engine is the innovative technology behind its ability to separate an audio file’s tempo from its pitch, enabling a range of powerful operations like tempo matching and audio quantizing. What makes this engine unique is its ability to automatically adjust tempo across multiple samples without altering their pitch – creating natural-sounding timbral variation without affecting time duration.

This technology also allows for conventional effects like pitch shifting, distortion, and compression for the creative exploration of timbre characteristics. By utilizing the advanced power offered by the Warp Engine, users can take music production to new heights of flexibility, complexity, and originality.

For this course, your assignment is to create a simple project using samples and loops from one of the packs. You’ll need a minimum of three tracks – drums, bass, keys/synth but feel free to add whatever you want. Don’t forget about the Warp Modes and try out different Beats Mode settings on keys or bass–let your creativity guide you! Then you’ll create two new tracks or even a whole set by importing whole songs and warping them.