Lesson 21: Editing 201

Editing audio in the Arrangement View can be a tedious process due to the various tracks and clips. Knowing the standard cut, copy, and paste commands is important to make quick edits on selected clips. However, if you want to modify the entire arrangement without going through track by track and tediously editing, mastering skills in navigation is key.

Having a system of folding and unfolding tracks as well as being able to easily find your desired location on the timeline allows for an efficient workflow when it comes to editing in Arrangement View. Course 21 of the program is going to bring your editing skills to a whole new level. With a focus on editing in the Arrangement View, you’ll get an in-depth look at faster, more efficient workflows.

Up until now, you’ve learned the basics but now you get to put them into practice and gain an even greater understanding. It’s time to take your skills to the next level with Ableton. Having a handle on keyboard shortcuts is an invaluable asset when producing music with Ableton. This includes commands pertaining the transport, editing, Arrangement View, zooming, display, selection, and grid snapping – so you’ll want to learn each one thoroughly.

If you already know most of them, this is an excellent opportunity to review or even brush up on the ones you’re missing. Additionally, it can be well worth your while to become confident in utilizing Locators and Key Mapping and also to use the three related buttons located above the track names. Once you have mastered these techniques it will significantly increase your speed and efficiency when composing music on your DAW. Your assignment for this course is to take previously recorded tracks and use locators to mark up where edits are needed.