Lesson 24: Export and Faux Mastering

With mastering, you’re ready to take your project from being an idea in your mind or a song on your computer to a polished piece of art. It takes time and commitment to be a successful mastering engineer, so don’t underestimate the importance of mastering. While it may not seem like much when compared to the creative work of writing and recording, crafting the perfect mix can actually be more challenging than it sounds.

From having all of the right gear and software, to understanding how it works and interacts, to having a listening environment that won’t color the sound unfairly; these are only the first steps in becoming proficient at mastering but they certainly go a long way towards making a masterful sonic experience. Anyone looking to make their mark as a top-notch mastering engineer must take all of these components into account when mixing and preparing their tracks for release.

If you’re an aspiring producer or music creator, taking control of the mastering process for your songs is essential for getting the best sound out of them. However, having access to a professional studio and expensive equipment isn’t always feasible. Thankfully, this course guides you through all the steps in both home mastering and exporting songs – so you can achieve great-sounding mixes without breaking the bank.

Additionally, if mastering is not your strong point, this course will arm you with all the knowledge needed to send your tracks off to a mastering engineer with the assurance that they will come out polished and perfect! Your course assignment is to listen to commercial tracks and try to get your tracks to sound as similar as possible.