Lesson 28: Instrument and Effect Racks

In this course, you’ll learn how to customize Macro knobs to your needs. You will also explore the different ways that Racks can be used and manipulated in Ableton Live 10. The course will cover topics such as creating layers of sounds with a single Instrument Rack, manipulating multiple parameters at once with Macros, and using sidechain compression for creative sound design. Finally, you’ll take a look at some advanced techniques that can help you get the most out of Racks.

Chains are where you can really see the power of a Rack in action. You can easily create complex sounds, by chaining together any amount of effect and instrument devices. This allows for creative sound design possibilities that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with just one device.

The Chain Select editor is especially useful for live performance, as you can switch back and forth between different Chains without having to stop the music. You can also use it to quickly create variations on a single sound by changing the mix between two chains. For example, if one chain contains a distorted lead sound and another has a clean piano patch, you can quickly adjust the balance of each layer with the fader or knob in order to get just the right combination of sounds.

In addition, you have control over parameters such as velocity zones and key zones so that your sound will change subtly every time you press a key or vary your velocity level. Your assignment for this course will be to create racks and use them in songs.