Course 12: Collecting Graphics Intro To Effects

This week we’re going to dip into Live’s Audio Effects that have a never-ending array of uses in music making and sound design. We’ll explain the differences between various kinds of effects and discuss those which defy classification. From spectral processors, equalizers, and filters to wicked dynamics processors, LFOs, time-based effects, distortion effects, and much, much more, we’ll peak behind the curtain and get a taste of what’s in store for us with Ableton effects!

Along with the sonic splendor, you’ll add to your symbology by creating a powerful visual image that evokes meaning and has the power to hearken instant recognition. What oh what could that powerful image be?! Your logo, of course. You’ll also start assembling and creating pictures and symbols of your journey. Carefully curated ephemera, photographs, and images enable those watching to feel connected to you as an artist and creator with a feel that’s all your own.