Course 14: Virtual Synths

Every artist has a palette of paints they carry around, every DJ a few crates of vinyl, and every artist using a DAW, their own cherry-picked plugins. Plugins are virtual devices like synthesizers, effects processors, drum kits, and more. Last week, we began to get familiar with synthesis, particularly subtractive synthesis. This week, we’re jumping further into synthesis, laying out the types of patches and explaining why they’re useful to you as an EDM creator and artist. From there we’ll get into building a one-shot patch and a looping patch. Then, we’re checking out third party instruments including Massive by Native Instruments, digging further into Ableton’s instruments, and getting in deep with Operator. We’ll have a look at Collision, Electric, and Tension. A main course of MIDI effects’ arpeggiators is next on the menu, followed by a taste of how the arpeggiator has been used (a lot!) in popular music in songs by Giorgio Moroder, Massive Attack, Daft Punk, Gesaffelstein, and more!