Course 15: Sampling For Effect

Up to now you’ve largely been immersing yourself in sound design with synths and effects. That’s great but now let’s dive into one of Live’s original and main strengths—recording audio. This week, we’ll specifically cover recording audio in the session view. This is one of the biggest features that sets Live apart from other DAWs on the market, and it can be a real strength for how you produce with it. Mastering these features will really help you work faster and will enable you to make new sounds and add to your preexisting beats and songs quickly and creatively. Armed with that knowhow, you can then find effective ways to utilize sampled phrases of your own to add some spice to your songs and take them over the edge in terms of marketability. Remember, an infectious vocal phrase has a power all its own!

We’ll cover how to setup Live for recording audio, monitoring (direct and software), establishing a workflow for working with audio, recording external and internal audio, moving audio around Ableton (internal audio routing), clip recording, Simpler, Sampler, and more. Our digital field trip takes us to VST (Virtual Studio Technology), currently the most popular plugin type in audio. Then we’ll listen to the digital audio laden, Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails, the award-winning album that blew open the doors on the early Industrial Revolution of the 90s and made Trent Reznor a household name.