Course 16: Sampling For Percussion

If you’re interested in using sampled loops, you’re working with the right application. Ableton was made with looping in mind. Regardless of whether you’re recording your own loops or going to a massive online sound library like, integrating sampled loops into your music is easily handled, thanks to Ableton’s session view.

Sampling, or digitally recording drums and other instruments, has been a major element in a multitude of genres for years. This form of musical accompaniment has been a boon for composers and players alike since people who don’t know how to play drums, or any instrument whatsoever, are able to fill out arrangements. But regardless of the level of skill one has or doesn’t have with physical, analog instruments, all kinds of music creators utilize and even create loops for music production. Ready to join the tribe? That’s right, this week, we’re getting into loop creation as well as loop manipulation, one-shot samples, and we’re delving deeper into Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler.