Course 17: Sampling Programming Editing

Now that you’ve both recorded and edited samples, you’re getting a feel for how they fit into the songwriting workflow and are probably seeing just how much time they can save. Have you found yourself wishing there were a more elegant way of handling samples, specifically one-shot samples? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to trigger drums on a drum pad or MIDI controller? Let do that now, shall we?

This week we’ll get into triggering drums via MIDI controller or drum pad, drum racks 101, building drum racks, one-shot setup in the drum rack, drum rack loop slice, and more! For our sonic excursion we’ll plunge into Fleet Foxes self-titled 2008 album and listen to what happens when modern day production techniques meet classic folk instrumentation. For our digital field trip, we’re off to none other than Universal Audio to check out the Arrow and a slew of UA plugins.