Course 18: Returning To Your Vision

You’ve come so far in such a short time! How do you feel? Pause and take a look back at all you’ve learned and accomplished. Pat yourself on the back and breathe. What do you see in your future? What’s next on the horizon? Once you’re in a balanced, congruent state of mind, you’ll set five more milestones you’d like to accomplish in the near future and further visualize the outcomes of your endeavors.

Along with setting up a plan for moving forward, we’ll take some time to fill in a few of the cracks, put answers to some of the mysteries of sound and indoctrinate you into many of the principles, theories, and developments of sound recording, production, how the human ear hears, the physics of sound, and more! This is great stuff to geek out on before you go into the studio again. Do not despair if you don’t readily understand everything in the text. This is weird, amazing stuff! Feel free to reach out to your Academic Facilitator if you have questions.