Course 7: Mixdown

You’ve got the instrumentation, the vocals, beats, and bass. You’ve got chord progressions, effects, and variations. Alas, you do not have a mix. Not yet! This week, it’s all about polishing up our mix and getting everything sounding right together. To do this, we’ll be incorporating several audio effects that will really add some seasoning to what we’re doing while also bringing a lot of balance. We’re getting into all of it: working with clip envelopes, sidechaining, pumping up with compression, the magic of equalization, and rendering. To make sure your mix is “on format” for your specific genre, we’ll uncover how to choose the right, polished reference mix and replicate its attributes. For our digital field trip, we’ll explore the possibilities of the open-ended, customizable Eurorack. We’ll also start putting together a POA (plan of attack) for how you will put yourself out there on social as an EDM artist/producer.