Course 8: Online Content Creation

Now, with fully mixed and polished music under your belt you’re considered a content creator. You are one of the millions online, who can actually create rather than just critique, listen to, and watch what’s available. If thinking about the millions of other creators out there gets you nervous, it should! With tons of people out there creating music, you need to be smart in how you publish and in how you present yourself. Conveying the persona you’ve carefully developed over the past few weeks though photographs, writing, and symbology are all facets we’ll focus on. From there, we’ll get back into making music through creating memorable melodies and unleashing the powers of MIDI to add variation as well as discover other melodies we can add to our catalog. After that, we’ll dip into Dummy, by Portishead, a beacon of top-notch production quality and emotional content that’s through the roof!