Course 9: Music Video Creation

Expand your reach and add to the lure and artistry of what you do through the power of moving pictures. That’s right, this week you’re going to jump into music video creation! Music videos started out in the early 80s as short and simple visual media showing a band playing and/or artist singing their lyrics. Within just a few years, they became works of art, short movies with compelling storylines, or powerful statements of protest and calls to action. With today’s technology and a little savvy, you can bring your song to life by shooting and editing your own music video. We’ll take you through it all, from performance, to getting your establishing shot, cutaways, nature shots, FX shots, and ample B-roll. Then we’ll get back into our first love—making music, and get a feel for composing first, then filling in with Ableton’s near-limitless sounds and instrumentation. We’ll get into harmonics and the art of orchestration as a way to go from the intimate to the epic and onto uncharted terrain. Then, we’ll take a digital field trip to the reigning king of FX bundles—Waves, and we’ll flashback to the 90s with Beck’s Mellow Gold, the album that brought him into the limelight and cemented the artist’s fame.