Audio Engineering & Music Production Program

Learn Audio Engineering from the Pros. Master the Art of Audio Engineering with our Audio Engineering & Music Production Program

The most immersive and hands-on approach to learning the art of Audio Engineering. Work directly with a professional audio engineer in a real-world recording studio. The Recording Connection Audio Engineering & Music Production Program has you working directly with music industry professionals.


Financial assistance is available through Meritize.

Recording Connection is the Best Way to Learn Sound & Audio Engineering

Instead of sitting in a classroom, listening to lectures on audio engineering, we put you in a fully immersive environment. By learning Audio Engineering inside a professional studio, you’ll have a better understanding of how to prepare for a session, how to act with a client and other aspects of the job. It’s no longer theoretical at this point–it’s real life.

Our audio engineering course last six months to nine months and cost just a fraction of colleges, universities, and other trade schools. We’ll save you time and money while giving you the hands-on education you need to start looking for work in less than a year. After taking a 4-year degree program, you’ll have a diploma and a firm handshake. With us, you could have already graduated and have three years of job experience in the same amount of time.


Create Your Own Audio Engineering Program Curriculum

We understand you have a life outside of our programs. And while there are very strict parameters you must follow, we don’t feel you need to suspend your life while working towards a career in music. When accepted into the Audio Engineering & Music Production program, You, your Mentor, and your Academic Facilitator/Faculty member will collaborate on a schedule that works for everyone.

Working at odd hours is the norm for many of our mentors (the music industry never sleeps), so they have the flexibility to work when you’re able.

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Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors have worked with the biggest names in the industry, won the biggest awards, and worked on platinum-selling albums. And now you get to work with them.

Andy Shoemaker, Rax Trax Recording

John Davis

1988 Entertainment

Southern Eagle Music Group

Writer’s Room Recording Studio

Madison Records / The Oates Music

Over 250 Studios Across the World

You’ll learn at a studio nearest to you. We’re partnered with over 250 studios around the world who are committed to your development.

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We take you out of the classroom and put you in a recording studio where you’ll learn one-on-one with an experienced audio engineer or music producer. Instead of requiring prerequisite classes, we craft our curriculum to meet your needs, addressing weaknesses and building up strengths. The Recording Connection Audio Engineering & Music Production Program curriculum is designed to show you how music is made in the real world, putting you in situations where you can get first-hand knowledge of working with artists in professional recording studios.

Our Audio Engineering Program Mentors work with some of the biggest names in the industry, win Grammys, and produce platinum albums. They have years of experience working with all genres of music. But most importantly, they want to help the next generation of audio engineers and music producers reach their career goals.

More than 25,000 have found work after finishing Recording Connection programs, either with their mentors, with other studios, or by starting their own studios. In some cases, externs have been hired for work during the program. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get hired after completing the Audio Engineering Program, we offer one year of job placement assistance.

Several Audio Engineering and Music Production Course students have found great success after completing Recording Connection Audio and Music programs, working with world-renowned artists, winning Grammy awards, and collaborating on platinum-selling albums.

The Recording Connection Audio Engineering & Music Production Program is designed to keep you out of massive student loan debt. Where you could spend up to $50,000 (or more) at a “name” four-year university, our programs run around $15,000.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.