Audio Engineering & Music Production
Course 12: Music Mix Theory

Mixing is the process by which audio engineers combine an entire multi-track session into a stereo track. Mixing is the place where technical skill and creativity come together, resulting in the creation of a song, by bringing together live instrumentation, sequenced MIDI, and effects. There is no one correct way to approach a mix, just as there is no one correct way to finish a mix.

You’ll learn the common aspects of the mixing process in Course 12, but not necessarily show you how to mix. The technology of today offers an impressive array of tools to mix with, but there’s always the danger of over-engineering a song into bland oblivion. Understanding the importance of balance, the stereo image, and critically listening to a song will set you up for success in the future.

Levels, panning, equalization, processing, automation, and bouncing are topics that will be covered in this course. What they are, when to use them, and how they help a performance will be covered, as well as readying a mix for the mastering process. The assignment for this course will be to mix one of the pre-selected sessions the program provides.

As always, there will be a course review, blog entry, and a course-ending quiz. You’ll now start putting what you’ve learned previously into practice.


  • Mix Theory
  • Technical Elements for Creative Control
  • Mixing for the Master
  • Mix Assignment
  • Chapter Quiz
  • Blog Entry