Audio Engineering & Music Production
Course 17: Automation In Pro Tools

Automation in Pro Tools is the ability to control a specific parameter automatically by telling Pro Tools what to do, and when to do it in real time. It’s an incredibly helpful and useful tool and in this course, we will go over how to employ automation in your sessions, and where the practice came from.

Before automation, it could take a team of engineers to adjust the console during sections of a song on the fly and a single mistake would mean starting over from the top. With Pro Tools automation, you can save these parameters (volume, pan, mute, and more) for real-time playback.

In course 17, you’ll learn how to set up your automation and the different modes available to you in the Pro Tools digital audio workstation, including read, write, touch, and others. You’ll also learn how to automate audio and MIDI/instrument tracks and automation of the Pro Tools plugins.

Automation is a massive time-saver and, with proper planning, makes your workflow that much more efficient. At the end of this course, you’ll have your usual course review, blog entry, and optional mixing assignment.


  • History of Automation
  • Automation Inside Pro Tools
  • Automation of Plugins Inside Pro Tools
  • Chapter Quiz
  • Blog Entry