Course 2: Basic Electronics

In this course, you’ll learn how protons, neutrons, and electrons all work together to create a charge and how that energy gets passed around to create electricity. It doesn’t seem like this has a whole lot to do with sick beats and funky loops, does it? And while you won’t need to memorize the periodic table or already have a background in electrical engineering for this course, you will get a quick refresher on electricity and how important it is to music production today.

Understanding how electricity is conducted through the wiring we use to plug in our amps or deliver signals to our monitors will show how important good equipment is. You’ll learn about electrical currents, the differences between analog and digital currents, and how these currents lose power over longer distances.

Sounds heavy, right? It won’t be, we promise: your mentor will present the information in an easy-to-understand way and there will be plenty of time to review concepts you aren’t getting a hold of. What we want you to understand is what makes certain equipment better than others when it comes to working with electrical equipment.

To finish this course, you’ll complete a section review, a blog entry, and a quiz to test your knowledge of what you learned. For additional assignments, you can start creating mixes from songs we provide, either at home or in the studio when you have some downtime.


  • Electricity
  • Basic Electronics
  • Chapter Quiz
  • Blog Entry