Audio Engineering & Music Production
Course 8: Intro To Pro Tools™

One of the most powerful–and popular–digital audio workstations (DAW) on the planet, Pro Tools is used by artists, audio engineers, and music producers. Learn how to use Pro Tools and you can work in almost any recording studio in almost any city. In course 8, you’ll scratch the surface of this very dense DAW and prepare for the task of installing and using this amazing tool.

First, you’ll learn how to install the software and ensure your computer has the memory, storage, and speed needed to run Pro Tools. You’ll learn how to optimize your system settings to ensure smooth operation and how to take advantage of the Pro Tools file structure, key commands, and quick keys/shortcuts.

Once you’re all set up and ready to go, you’ll learn to open a new session and record a track. Most DAWs (Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton) have the same basic structure similarities with some differences, so if you already have some experience with a DAW, you may be able to move on to something a little more advanced.

Upon completing this course, you’ll take a quiz and basic key commands in Pro Tools after a course review. You’ll also complete other standard course completion tasks like blog entries, preparation for the next course, and working on extra-curricular tasks to help build your skillset.


  • History of Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools System Requirements
  • Optimizing your System
  • Pro Tools File Structure and Basic Key Commands
  • Chapter Quiz
  • Basic Key Commands Quiz
  • Blog Entry