Audio Engineering & Music Production
Course 9: Learn Pro Tools Basics

After installing the academic version of Pro Tools (a 24-48 hour process if you can believe it) and a piece of hardware called iLok (which will be shipped to you), you’ll be ready to start working with music! This system allows you to get that one-on-one experience with your mentor in remote learning situations.

Once installation is complete, you’ll start a session by opening the program and setting the parameters for the session. In this course, you’ll get a solid foundational understanding of the digital audio workstation, how to work on new sessions or work on saved sessions, how to troubleshoot, and more.

While you’ll get enough practice with your mentor and additional resources to work with Pro Tools on your own in the coming courses, we also offer an advanced course in digital audio workstations if you want to step up your game even more.

During this curse, you’ll learn how to prepare for recording, editing, mixing, and other actions. You learn how to take into account latency and how to minimize it, how to incorporate delay compensation, work with buffers and processors, and routing inputs and outputs for your DAW.

All of this is to get you in a position to begin recording a session or editing tracks after the session is complete. You’ll learn what the editing tools are and what they do, how to import audio, and set up your tracklist. You’ll also have your course-ending quiz, blog post, and extra work if there’s time in the studio.


  • Pro Tools™ Installation
  • Welcome to Pro Tools™
  • Pro Tools™ Edit Window
  • Pro Tools™ Mix Window
  • Chapter Quiz
  • Basic Key Commands Quiz
  • Blog Entry