Creator Workshop Pro
Course 1: Foundation Work and Installation

First things first–We’ll make sure you have access to all of the necessary equipment, tools, and software you need to begin your music creation journey. You’ll work with your Academic Facilitator to ensure you have a digital audio workstation (DAW) loaded to your computer, either Ableton Live or Pro Tools. This software is used by producers and artists around the world–and now you’ll use it too!

Once that’s taken care of, you’ll listen to one of our favorite artists, Catherine Wheel, and analyze the production value of her album Chrome. Write your thoughts down about your favorite track, explaining what you liked about it and what you noticed about the lyrics, melody, and structure of the song.

Other course lessons include knowing when to step away for a few minutes and taking time to meditate when you hit a wall or just need a break, what to do when inspiration strikes, and how to truly embrace your vulnerability to create your music. You’ll also explore the plugins and other gear you need at Universal Audio, including the Arrow audio interface.

You’ll also begin working with the DAW, including using the Tap Tempo tool, a staple for anyone trying to create music for the first time. Recording scratch melodies, playback, and saving your work are other software basics we’ll cover during the lesson. Make sure to note questions or clarifications you want to discuss in your next course, finish a blog entry, and take the quiz. Congratulations! You’ve finished the first course of the Creator Pro Series!