Creator Workshop Pro
Course 10: Remixing Part 2

You have your first professional mix completed–now it’s time to let loose even further. In an earlier course, we discussed how changes to the tempo, intros, and outros are beneficial for other audiences. Now is the time to learn how to get your creative juices cranked all the way to ten!

But there are certain protocols to follow. Learn the differences between extended remixes, radio edits, and all of the different electronic dance music mixes (house, trance, dub, and others). You’ll learn the differences in arrangements, which instruments come to the forefront, and even the preferred lengths of each mix.

You’ll learn different DJ FX like glitching, stuttering, and chopping along with phaser, chorus, and flange textures. Creative filtering and a variety of loops (drums, instruments, FX, and more) will move your song from one genre into another. Just make sure you’re starting new sessions with each remix so you don’t accidentally alter something you really like!

To finish the program, listen to Depeche Mode’s Construction Time Again to see how they injected construction site noises throughout their music and how you can incorporate some of those ideas into your music. Send your finished remix to your Academic Facilitator and discuss the next steps. Great work on producing your first professional song.