Creator Workshop Pro
Course 3: Instrumentation and Accompaniment

In the third course, you will learn to break down the root note, incorporate the bass into your song, and add instrumentation from the instrument library of your DAW. We get into breaking down the melody of your song, mixing in pads and arrangements, and adding accompaniments to give your song some depth of sound.

This is where your DAW will begin to let you stretch your creative wings. You’ve been working with your scratch voice recording, now you’ll replace those vocals with instruments. Instrument presets allow you to choose an instrument for your specific genre. A techno guitar will sound a little different than a country guitar.

Lessons include how to incorporate pads, leads, plucks/arps, and loops to build out the arrangement. You’ll break down the melody, take a deeper dive into the MIDI controller of your DAW, and fill out your song with chords to give your song a bigger sound (when required).

The listening library for this course consists of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, which showcases how heavy beats and basslines move a song–and the audience. You’ll also listen to Ray Lynch’s synthetic classic Deep Breakfast, which provides more cheery, ambient, and pop

Take the quiz, write your blog, and prepare for the next meeting with your mentor–course three is complete!