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Course 6: Tracking

In this course, you’ll finally start recording your vocals or the vocals of an artist you’ve chosen to be on your song. This is where your daily meditations will really pay off, getting you, your head, and your soul ready to record. Where you record is just as important as the vocals themselves. If you get a lot of echo or resonance, it won’t matter how good your vocals are.

Where is the best place to record your song? Although it might sound funny, many artists will record their vocals in the closet (when a professional studio isn’t available of course). The clothes act as perfect buffers and will keep the sound waves of your voice from bouncing off the walls.

You, a friend, and even your mentor can help you at this stage. When you’re ready, they can start recording, pause, stop recording, and more so you can concentrate on your vocals. You’ll learn how to import this track into your current song and the best practices for bringing the two together.

This course’s listening library will be Taylor Swift’s Lover–from recording techniques to the vocals themselves, you’ll really hear what an upper-echelon music production sounds like and what you can take away from it in your sessions. Your digital field trip will bring you to the infrastructure of the studio: mic stands, cases, cords, cables, and more.