Creator Workshop Pro
Course 7: Integration, Effect and Dynamic

Your vocals have been recorded, you have your instrumentals in place, and all of your bridges and breaks are ready to go. You’ll get rid of your scratch recording and get all of the pieces into one session. It’s time to bring all of these components together and build a single cohesive track.

By adding effects, you’ll turn your amateur recording into something that sounds much more professional. Your digital audio workstation (DAW) is packed with all kinds of effects, both corrective and creative, and you’ll use them all to get rid of imperfections and make your vocals, big instruments, and accompanying music sound just like you want them to.

Compressors, equalizers, and de-essers are effects that you will learn to use to even out the volume, remove unwanted frequencies, and get rid of pesky sibilants that can occur during vocal recordings. You will also learn how to work with reverb, echo, chorus, and other effects to give your music a fuller sound.

You’ll listen to the Cocteau Twins’ classic album Heaven or Las Vegas to see just how effects can help a song reach great heights and take away an idea or two for your song. You’ll also investigate compressors and equalizers that will give you more power to add effects to your songs than your DAW currently has available.