Creator Workshop Pro
Course 8: Mixing

In the last course you learned about creative and corrective effects to give your song more depth–maybe too much depth. In course 8, you’ll learn how to level and pan each track so they sit in the listener’s ear in such a way that they can take everything at once without the vocals, drums, and other instruments stepping all over each other.

Leveling is ensuring the loudness of each track works together while panning allows you to place the drums, instruments, and vocals on an aural stage that the listener can feel. Drums in the middle, instruments on the left side of the stage, chorus or synths on the right. This is how you take advantage of stereo sound.

You’ll also learn about sidechaining, automation, and rendering a mix, all of which can help you become more efficient with your digital audio workstation and other gear. With presets, you won’t have to replicate the effects you like–you can just apply them as needed! You’ll also be able to send your song to those closest to you so they can hear what you’ve been talking about for the last two months!

As part of your homework, you’ll listen to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack from Daft Punk to get lost in some ambient atmospheres and beautiful mixes and describe the moods you encountered while listening to the music. You’ll also investigate upgraded monitors and which models will work best with your studio along with the usual quiz, blog post, and mind relaxation exercises.