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Course 9: Remixing Part 1

You have your first song mixed and ready to go! Now you will learn how to give your song mass appeal with remixes that are created for different audiences, media, and other platforms. Think about when you’re watching a movie and you hear a song you like but it’s been changed to an instrumental or given a faster beat. That’s remixing!

In many cases, artists will send their music to someone else for remixing and many audio engineers make a name for themselves remixing music for others. Once you’ve developed a remixing style, you’ll be able to make your own music that much more appealing.

In course 9, you’ll learn how to build remix stems, import audio files for remixing, extend sections, and section audio for remixing. Your main takeaways will be labeling the files and tracks clearly for organizational reasons, getting your music ready for the dance floor, and discovering that your third or even fourth remix might be the hit you’re looking for!

Along with your blog assignment and quiz, take time to listen to one of your favorite albums and songs that really speak to you. Then try to find alternate mixes of the same songs and see what was changed to take the song in a new direction. Make a list of the “original” song, remixes you liked, who did the remix, length, and other changes that affected the outcome of the mix.