Logic Pro Electronic Music Production
Course 10: Samplers

Enter the world of sample-based music through an interactive lesson in slicing, chopping and arranging samples, sourced from audio recordings as well as original material. We’ll also discuss different approaches to drum programming, from finger drumming to pattern based sequencing, and unique perspectives on each to add to your arsenal. One-on-one with your mentor, you’ll see his/her unique take on sampling and how it has evolved, from early experimentation with magnetic tape to the latest sampling engines available in Logic.


  • History of Samplers
    • Mellotron
    • Computer Music Melodian
    • Fairlight CMI
    • E-mu SP 1200
    • Akai S1000
    • Roland Groove Samplers
  • Sampling in Logic Pro X
    • Creating Apple Loops
    • Sampling in Ultrabeat
      • Sample Mode
      • Drag & Drop Samples
    • Sampler Instruments
    • Section Review
  • EXS24 Sampler
    • Parameter Window
    • Instrument Editor Window
      • Creating Sampler Instruments
      • Editing Zones and Groups
    • Editing Samples in Audio File Editor
    • Section Review
  • Sampling Tips & Tricks
  • Chapter Assignment